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It is with love, hope and faith that we greet you, believing that without a doubt that God’s grace is enough in all of our lives and to Him be all Glory and all Honor. We’d like to welcome you to Progressive Missionary Baptist Church and to thank you for interest and importance in this Ministry and that prayerfully, all of us will be improved, educated, informed and empowered. This ministry strives to minister to all generations and it is our hope that you will see evidence of that.


Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, as its name suggests will seek to offer love, hope and faith and to foster help from the difficulties and distresses of life and to offer a platform,  guidance and support to those, who are sincerely seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ...


So…We welcome you to worship God,

 to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others

 And execute the Business of the Kingdom with excellence.


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